Q: Is your camp for "troubled" kids?

A: "Troubled" or not, all students must adhere to our rules and expectations. We often travel very far from home and cannot tolerate serious misbehavior.

Q: Can I/we (parent) volunteer?

A: We offer many opportunities to join us on adventures throughout the year, and we can put a custom trip together for your family and friends, but our summer Adventures are not open to parent volunteers. These particular trips are structured so as to allow students to function/grow/socialize in a setting simulating the world they will be encountering as young adults. 

Q: Can I/we (student) volunteer?

A: On rare occasions we allow student helpers (ages 16-17) to attend our Adventures for a discounted price. They must be: known to our director, have impeccable character, provide references, be ready to work (cook, clean, prepare activities, ect...), have a good attitude, and be able to be away from their phones

Q: How hard are the Adventures - Do you think my student can do it?

A: Different adventures have different difficulty ratings but, that's hard to answer. We are all capable of doing more than we think we can, and if we want something bad enough we can achieve it, but we might not have the time on a given trip for a student to go at a leisure pace. Almost every activity/class we offer will require a certain level of physicality, please inquire bout a particular trip if you're unsure.

Q: Are phones allowed - electronics?

A: Phones/Electronics are highly discouraged. They get lost, broken, stolen, and are all too often used to waste time. Leaders may use features such as GPS and traffic, radar and weather. Students DO NOT need them while on Adventures. (If phones are brought, they must be given to staff to be kept in a lockbox; only to be used at predetermined times.) The leaders will be taking pictures and video and will be happy to send group messages/e-mails (signal and time permitting) to update parents. If you insist on sending your child with a phone, they may only use it under the conditions agreed upon by the leaders and the parents.

Q: Is this a church/religious camp?

A: Arizona Adventures Camp is a Christian-led, character-building, youth program. Meaning; when questions arise they will be answered from a biblical worldview. However, we are open to anyone who is respectful and well-behaved. Our goal as a camp is not conversion or preaching but living as an example and providing students in our case an escape from the culture and pressures of the world.