What we offer at Arizona Adventures Camp is exactly what kids need, especially now. Summer is rolling on and we are having a great time. We are providing a good ol' fashioned childhood summer filled with outdoor fun, learning and character building. So far we have been on the lake, camping, backpacking, hiking, swimming, and more. We are conscientious of the CDC guidelines for safety and are using proper precautions to adapt our activities accordingly. If you are reluctant to sign your child up due to safety concerns, or have any specific questions please feel free to call (805) 270-5413 or email ArizonaAdventuresCamp@gmail.com for more information.

Upcoming Events

San Diego

July 7th - 10

Salt River Tubing

July 14

Arizona Adventures Camp is a low ratio traveling outdoor youth camp focused on character building through outdoor adventure, exploration, and appreciation. Based out of Tucson Arizona, and designed for ages 9 to 16, we offer one-of-a-kind experiences that will help students grow mentally, physically and spiritually.

These are the good ol' days your kids will remember forever.


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