San Diego Beaches

July 7th - 10 $470

One way to ensure a change of scenery and a memorable summer is to hit the beach. Understandably this Adventure is one of the most coveted. In addition to learning ocean specific survival skills and character building lessons, students will spend plenty of time swimming, boogie boarding, building sand castles, playing group games and relaxing. An adventure this big presents many opportunities for us to teach and reinforce character traits such as resiliency, courage, and confidence.

As of July 1st, San Diego beaches are open for use and our trip is still on. But, due to the uncertainty of our planned campsites being opened or closed we have decided to stay at an AirBnB. Our host has agreed to follow the new step by step cleaning guidelines set forth by AirBnB with guidence from the CDC.

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July 14th $75

Come and enjoy a relaxing cruise down the river. We will arrange transportation so as to avoid crowds and other groups. This will be a perfect day trip for those looking to get out of the house and make a good memory in the midst of this crazy cooped up summer.


July 17th $50

Spend the day exploring the many tunnels and caverns deep under earth's surface (far from the news of doom and gloom). We will leave Tucson, have a picnic for lunch and then set out to learn and play in the caves.