Summer 2024 

All Adventures and Trips Require "Adventure Essentials" : Water Bottle - Closed Toe Shoes - Swimsuit or Water Clothes - Sunscreen - Money for Specific Meals - Phones be Stored (by AAC) Securely

Day Trips/Activities (blue on the calendar): For these activities, we allow students 8 years old and up unless otherwise stated. These are great opportunities for students to build a love for the outdoors early and provide a perfect outlet for kid's energy and adventurous spirit. For more information on our co-ed policies and procedures please see our parent/student handbook.
Multi-Day Adventures/Campouts (green on the calendar): These adventures are primarily for our 10-15 year old students. Our "multi-day adventures" give us an opportunity to drive home the character-building aspect of our camps. We will have lessons, reflection time, and student achievement acknowledgement time during our late-night sessions. For more information on our co-ed policies and procedures please see our parent/student handbook.

Coming in 2024 

Adventure Club: Tuesdays Throughout Summer Starting May 28th (excluding June 4h and July 9th)

$40 Per Tuesday (or $215 for all 6 Tuesdays)

A day program hosted on Tuesdays throughout summer to teach and practice outdoor and camping skills, social skills, and character building. 

Learn and Practice skills to be self-sufficient in the outdoors:

Socialize with Friends:

Other Activities:

9:30am to 4:30pm (instruction and structured activities from 10am - 3pm) Ages 8 - 16

Adventure Club will be hosted in a variety of locations from indoors to mountainous areas. Participating students will need "play clothes" and all "Adventure Essentials" daily.

Tsunami Overnight: May 31st - June 1st (ages 10- 15)

$90 - $70 Early Bird

Our most popular day-trip adventure will turn into an overnight this summer. 

After swimming, sliding, dancing, and diving at the Cove this year, the night will just be getting started. Once we return to Tucson we will host a Summer Kick-off Slumber Party with classic activities such as Hide N Seek in the Dark, Karaoke, VR and Video Games, Movies, Ice Cream and Soda Buffet and Much Much More

* Dinner, Snacks, Breakfast Provided

Payson Paradise: June 12th - 14th  (ages 10- 15)

$345 - $300 Early Bird

Our first multi-day Adventure of the summer offers the widest variety of activities in the span of three fun-filled days, including kayaking, biking, swimming, and camping in a developed site. 

Several of our favorite destinations are in close proximity to the Payson area.  This three day Adventure is perfect for those students who want to do a lot in a relatively short period of time. Several scenic hikes, swimming holes, and amazing activities are on the agenda. We will start by setting up camp at a national forest developed campsite with bathrooms, trash service, and showers. At camp we will play games, cook meals, explore the outdoors, teach our lessons, tell ghost stories, make smores, and more. Over the next two days, we plan to hike to popular swimming holes, ride bikes on the Mogollon rim, and kayak to a picnic at the lake.  "Payson Paradise" is an excellent choice for parents who want to provide their kids an opportunity to experience the best of Arizona's beauty in our character-building camp setting. 

Ultimate Adventure: June 25th - 29th  (ages 10- 15)

$460 - $400 Early Bird

Amongst our biggest and best activities, Waterfalls, Ziplines, Paintball, Caves, Paqua Park Floating Obstacle Course, and Boating are exclusive to this awesome Adventure. 

We'll waste no time getting started on this Ultimate Adventure as we will leave shortly after Adventure Club on Tuesday evening. Our first offering will be cave exploration and allow participants to cave camp (car camping and tent camping also available).  Wednesday morning we will begin the journey to northern Arizona for four more fun-filled days. We will find a perfect place to disperse camp with plenty of room for day and night games, karaoke and acting silly, practicing survival skills, playing paintball in the pines, and exploring. We will travel to some scenic swimming holes and waterfalls and make great memories. In addition to all our adventurous activities, we also plan on patronizing businesses that have partnered with us in the past. From ziplining  through the treetops at Flagstaff Extreme  to the floating obstacle course at Paqua Park we will be sure to make our Ultimate Adventure well worth attending for our most adventurous students.

Your Donations help us offer more activities...

Kayaking to Backpacking: July 5th - 6th (ages 10- 15)

$200 - $150 Early Bird

A weekend adventure for students who want to take their camping experience into their own hands; packing light and kayaking to set up their minimalist camp for the evening.

This will be the first time we combine the enjoyment of kayaking with the excitement of backpacking. Although there will not be a difficult or lengthy hike planed for this trip, the students will still be required to pack as if they are completing a solo backpacking trip (we have plenty of supplies to share). This is a perfect opportunity for our adventurous students to practice self-reliance. We will also be swimming, fishing, exploring, cooking, playing games, and more. 

Hiking and backpacking are great ways to exercise, experience nature, and escape the stress and pressure of the world, but it can also be an intimidating hobby to start. We don't want anyone who may be hesitant to be deterred, therefore, we've designed a mandatory "Backpacking Preparation" class to ease minds and make ready all our participants. The class may be taken at any of our offered Tuesday Adventure Club meetings, but, ideally on July 2nd (the Tuesday before we leave).

Week of Day Trips: July 15th - 19th (ages 8- 17)

$65 Per Day - $50 Early Bird (Enjoy 10% Off if Registered for the Week)

Students who register for the Week of Day Trips will be treated to some of our most awesome activities. Students registered first will help plan our destinations and activities.

After working in childcare for over 25 years and running Arizona Adventures Camp for over 6 years, parents can rest assured that our day-trip offerings will be safe and exciting, jam-packed with fun, and extremely memorable.

Possible trip/activities include: River Rafting, Hurricane Harbor, Water Day, Nerf, Mud/Food Fighting, The Cove, Caving, Defy, Get Air, Rocks and Ropes, Castles and Coasters, Mountains, Lake Patagonia, Kayaking, Ziplining, etc...

Families who register first will help decide which activities will be provided on which days so Register ASAP.

Catalina Island Camping: July 22nd - 26th (ages 10- 15)

$725 - $650 Early Bird

Our Biggest and Final Adventure of the Summer on the Beaches of Catalina Island. 

On this end-of-summer unforgettable adventure, we will road trip to California, boat to Catalina Island, bus to Little Harbor campground, and camp on the beach. Although we're in the planning stages of this adventure, we are expecting to participate in island activities as time and money allow, but we can guarantee that each of our five days will be filled with one-of-a-kind adventures and activities unique to Arizona Adventures Camp. 

Register and Pay by May 1st for Early Bird Pricing

Full Payment required two weeks prior to event. 

Discounts/Financial Assistance may be available CLICK HERE for more info.

Tanque Verde Extended Care "CCClub" Connection

If not for CCClub we would not be where we are today. We started within their program. Many of our current students have come up through their high-quality program. Their support, insight, ideas, and wisdom are very much appreciated and valued.

We will often times collaborate with and host events for the students of the CCClub. Most recently we held Messy Monday at their site with over 40 students in attendance. The food was flying and a fun messy time was had by all.

Students in need of full day childcare should consider registering for CCClub at Tanque Verde Elementary School.

As an added bonus, qualified CCClub students ages 10-15 may be eligible for a discounted rate on our adventures thanks to the Dustin & Kristen Yoder Foundation (conditions apply).