Over the last year we have seen lock downs, quarantines, and social distancing. Young people have been forced indoors and are spending more time in front of a screen than ever before. In the name of "safety," many are keeping kids from what they need most; freedom, social interaction, outdoor exploration and exercise. If we don't change course and start using common sense soon, the effects of the response to Covid 19 will be worse than the actual virus and the damage done may be irreversible.

As much as possible our trips are self-contained and our groups are kept separated form crowds and others. If attendees are healthy, the risk of getting any sickness is very low.

If you believe in our mission of providing unique outdoor education and experiences designed to reinforce positive character values, please consider donating.

We believe integrity, respect, kindness, patience, honesty, responsibility and resiliency can be taught and encouraged in any situation (including Covid), so, we use every opportunity to teach students to Pack Light and Live Right.

We incorporate activities and lessons into our adventures that are designed to test and build character so our students stand above the crowd and the culture. The character traits that can be learned and practiced on each of our adventures should help prepare them to handle real world problems with an open mind, wisdom and respect toward others.

Although Arizona Adventures is a non-profit, there are still many costs associated with our trips. If you choose to help financially, your donations will go towards helping families who have applied for financial assistance get an opportunity to attend camp and to provide the best experiences for the youth on our adventures.

Items we can always use:

  1. Batteries

  2. Water Bottles

  3. Camping Supplies

    1. Tents

    2. Hammocks

    3. Camping Cots

    4. Backpacks

    5. Flashlights

    6. 16oz Propane Fuel

Please Contact Us to Donate Goods

Wish List

  • 20lb Propane Cylinders

  • Propane Fire Bowl

  • 15 Passenger Van

  • Commercial Pop up Canopy Tent