All Adventures and Trips Require "Adventure Essentials"

Water Bottle - Closed Toe Shoes - Swimsuit or Water Clothes - Sunscreen - Money for Specific Meals - Phones be Stored (by AAC) Securely

Overnights/Campouts: Our overnights and campouts give us an opportunity to drive home the character-building aspect of our camps. We will have lessons, reflection time, and student achievement acknowledgement time during our late night sessions. For more information on our co-ed policies and procedures please see our parent/student handbook.

The most convenient way to pay for adventures is with Zelle.

Within most banking apps there is an option to send money through Zelle. Use our email to find us (last name "Lyons").

Once you choose an amount and review it, be sure to "Add memo" and provide your name and activity the payment is for.

Or Checks can be made out to Arizona Adventures Camp and mailed to 1130 S. Jefferson Ave. Tucson AZ 85711