Our summer trips are designed to appeal to students who have never been camping and seasoned campers alike. We encourage all students to try new experiences but are understanding of those who want to move at a slower pace. Our returning students are kind and welcoming and are excited to welcome new faces into our adventure family. We will be extra vigilant this year to protect all who attend from sickness and danger.

Thanks to the generosity of the Dustin and Kristen Yoder Memorial Foundation, we are blessed this year to be able to offer partial financial assistance to those who are approved.

Lake Patagonia

June 2nd - 4th $325

This summer we've added an extra day to one of our most popular trips. We will have more time for Boating, Swimming, Tubing, Kayaking, and Camping. We are adding kayak and swimming races for a some friendly competition along side our leadership and character building games. This first adventure is where we lay the foundation of respect, appreciation, and positive attitude required for future trips and life in general. Lake Patagonia is a perfect "close to home" trip for students who want to get their feet wet and learn what Arizona Adventures Camp is all about.

Our campsite and activities have been chosen to allow for adequate distance from other groups of people.

Arizona Ultimate Adventure

June 15th - 19th $550

Our Ultimate Adventure has always been our most activity-packed experience. This year will be no different. This trip features our most popular activities in some of our favorite places in and around northern Arizona. This year we will also explore new destinations, caves and waterfalls.

If five days spent with friends and filled with Hiking, Zip-lining, Swimming, Kayaking, Rafting, Group Games, Cooking, Exploring and more sounds good to you, then we applaud your adventurous spirit and you will not be disappointed.


June 29th - July 1st $250

"The best view comes after the hardest climb." Our backpacking adventure is all about full immersion in outdoor skills and self reliance. It will take planning, preparation and endurance to participate in our multi-mile hike. This adventure is also unique in that the students who attend will have a say in the details and destination for our trip. Possible locations would include West Fork Trail (Sedona), Mt. Wrightson (Green Valley), West Clear Creek (Camp Verde), Sycamore Canyon (Cottonwood), Secret Canyon (Sedona).

Location Chosen on June 22nd


July 7th - 10th $470

One way to ensure a change of scenery and a memorable summer is to hit the beach. Understandably this Adventure is one of the most coveted. In addition to learning ocean specific survival skills and character building lessons, students will spend plenty of time swimming, boogie boarding, building sand castles, playing group games and relaxing. An adventure this big presents many opportunities for us to teach and reinforce character traits such as resiliency, courage, and confidence.

We are optimistic that the beaches will be open by the second week in July but if not, our plan B is comparable as we consider Lake Havasu City, or Lake Roosevelt.