Spend A Day On The Mountain

When: Saturday May 8th All or Any Part Of The Day

Where: Mt. Lemmon (Specific Location Provided on Thursday May 66th)

How Much: Free For Anyone to Come and Check Out

On Saturday May 8th All are invited to come and see how we do things on a typical Arizona Adventures Camp trip. Many families have similar questions about our camp;

  • Are there restrooms?

  • How do the kids clean up?

  • How hard is the hiking?

  • What are the sleeping arrangements?

  • What is there to do?

In an effort to address any reservations and answer questions, our camping spot will be set up the way we would arrange it up on our adventures. We encourage families to spend time together on the mountain (Rose Canyon, Summerhaven, ect.) and stop by at their leisure. Our camp kitchen will be set up and ready if anybody would like to cook/grill their own lunches or dinner. We will offer some fun activities at certain times for people to choose but the majority of the day will be for relaxing and spending time together.

Come and enjoy the cooler weather and our camping set up. Bring family, friends, and anybody who wants to know more about Arizona Adventures Camp.