God's Post-Flood Paradise: Havasupai

When: Fri. August 6th 2021 through Wed. August 11th 2021*

Cost: $500

Limit: 2 Adults 5 Students ($100 deposit to get name on list) Only 3 Spots Left

The hike to Havasu Falls from the trailhead is about 10 miles. Attendees will be packing their own gear through an 8 mile canyon trail to the town of Supai. After checking in we will hike another mile for a break at Navajo Falls. After the break we hike another mile to the campground and Havasu Falls. The hike in usually takes 4-7 hours and the hike out takes 5-8 hours.

On one of our days we will hike another 2.5 miles (one way) to Beaver Falls.

Please do not just look at the pictures and figure you'll go unprepared. This trip takes endurance and perseverance. A smart person will train before going and pack light.

Deadlines: $100 deposit to be on list (Refundable until May 1st) Total Amount Due by July 1st

Bring: - Water for Hike (at least 3 liters) (Water Available at Campsite)

- Comfortable (worn in) shoes, hiking boots, or amphibious shoes (for water crossings)

- Lightweight Tent and/or Sleeping Supplies (hammock, sleeping bag, pad, ect.)

- Clothes, Swimwear, Sunscreen, Hat, Lightweight (microfiber) Towel

- Lightweight Backpacking Food (enough for 3 days)

- Flashlight

- $ Money for food in Village

Navajo Falls

Havasu Falls

Mooney Falls

Beaver Falls

*As of April 5th 2021, Havasupai tourism remains suspended. We are scheduled for August and hope the Tribe decides to reopen by then. If not, students will be eligible for a full refund or given the option to come on our rescheduled trip.